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About ZeMKI

Organisational structure

The profile of ZeMKI is characterized by critical research concerning contemporary phenomena of media and communication. The different research activities are structured around three interrelated thematic fields:

  • Media, cultural and social change: Contemporary change of media communication is intertwined with major transformation processes in culture and society. Research at the ZeMKI particularly focuses on the mediatization of everyday life, the eventization of mediated communication, transcultural and transnational communication processes, the expansion of mobile communication as well as digital media, and contemporary film culture.
  • Information management, educational change and digital media: The mediatization of everyday life goes along with changes of information management and educational institutions. ZeMKI is interested in the implementation of information systems in processes of education, mediatized organization of educational facilities as well as digital media applied in various educational contexts.
  • Critical development of media and communication theory: Established theories are challenged by the contemporary change of media and communication. ZeMKI is especially concerned with the development of media and communication theory based upon empirical inquiry. ZeMKI's theoretical stance is critical to the effect that present processes are to be scrutinized and their problems exposed.

For additional information on research activities at ZeMKI, visit this page

The research of the ZeMKI is structured into Labs. Further information can be found here.