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Christine Rüffert

: Christine Rüffert

Building/room:  Geisteswissenschaften 2 (GW2) B3915
Phone:  +49 (0) 421 218 677 22

E-Mail:  rueffertprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de


Christine Rüffert is an administrative councillor with the Senate of Culture of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen and since 1988 has been seconded to do filmcultural work within the State of Bremen. Since 2009 she has been seconded to the University of Bremen to establish the Cooperation Centre for Film, co-ordinating the co-operation of academic film research with cultural institutions like communal cinemas, film archives etc.

After journalistic and educational career steps she has been occupied for most of her professional life with cinema management and festival programming. She curates primarily experimental film and queer cinema, writes on topics of film curating and mediation.

1987-1990 chairwoman and 1990 - 2007 management and programming of Kommunalkino Bremen | 1990 - 2008 member of the selection committee for the international programming of European Media Art Festival (emaf) | 1996 - 2004 adjunct member of the board of Filmbewertungsstelle Wiesbaden | 2004 - 2012 member of the broadcasting board of Radio Bremen | 1993 establishing the experimental film forum „film:art“ for which she continuously has been curating and introducing programmes many of which were in co-operation with the local art museums

1994 establishing des queerfilm festival Bremen, long-term management, ongoing membership of the board and the selection committee of queerfilm e.V. | 2005 jury-member of the Teddy-Award of the Berlin Film Festival | 2014/15 assistance in drafting the plan of action against homo-, trans- and interphobia for the Federal State of Bremen.

1995 co-foundress and co-organizer ever since of the International Film Symposium, 2003 - 2014 co-editor of the assigned publication series (since 2008 also in English)

Research interests

Experimental and Avant-garde Film, Media Art

Art Film in Cinema and Museum

Queer Cinema, LGBTIQ Festivals

Curatorship and Film Mediation



6/2015 „Land in Sicht - of Rivers and Tides“. Film programme and lecture accompanying an exhibition „Land in Sicht“ in Museum Weserburg.

6/2014 „Mysteriöse Rituale - Die Verwandlung der Dinge im Film“. Film programme and lecture accompanying an exhibition „Existenzielle Bildwelten“ in Museum Weserburg.

5/2014 „Every Picture Tells a Story - Fact & Fiction in Experimental Film“. Filmic lecture in the context of 19th Int. Bremen Film Symposium.

11/2013 – 1/2014 „Sie. Selbst. Nackt. Im Film.“ several programmes accompanying an exhibition „Sie. Selbst. Nackt. Paula Modersohn-Becker und andere Künstlerinnen im Selbstakt" in Paula Modersohn-Becker-Museum.

11/2013 „Kuratieren für den Zuschauer“. Lecture as guest curator at Heinrich Heine Universität Düsseldorf.

7/2013 „KABOOM! Comic in der Filmkunst“. Film programme and lecture accompanying an exhibition „KABOOM! Comic in der Kunst“ in Museum Weserburg.

1/2013 „Zuschauer im Experimentalfilm“. Two filmic lectures in the context of 18th Int. Bremen Film Symposium.


further programmes of the experimental film forum „film:art“

film mediation seminars accompanying the „film:art“ programmes


1. Lichtspiele unter der Lupe. Filmvermittlung anhand von Experimentalfilmen, In: W. Pauleit, B. Henzler (Hg): Filme sehen, Kino verstehen, Schüren Verlag Marburg 2009.

2. Writing a Text that Will be Read with the Body. Kuratieren als somatischer Akt, In: W. Pauleit, B. Henzler, C. Rüffert, K.-H. Schmid, A. Tews (Hg). Vom Kino Lernen – Learning from the Cinema, Print u. e-book, Bertz+Fischer Berlin 2010.

3. A Ride on the Wild Side. Von fliegenden Augen und bebenden Körpern. In: 2013

4. Me, Myself and I. Mara Mattuschkas Stimmen, In: kolik film Sonderheft 23. Wien April 2015.

5. Genre und Experimentalfilm, mit Winfried Pauleit, In: Thomas Morsch (Hg): Genre und Serie. Fink Verlag Paderborn 2015 (in Vorbereitung)