New ZeMKI Working Paper: Beyond Participation

ZeMKI members Dr Juliane Jarke, Irina Zakharova and Dr Hendrik Heuer publish together with their co-authors Gabriela Molina León and Ulrike Gerhard a Review of Co-Creation in Computing

New methods and technologies for engaging future users and other stakeholders in participatory (design) processes are being developed and proposed in computing. Researchers increasingly refer to co-creation in order to capture these approaches. However, how co-creation is being framed and understood across domains differs substantially. To better understand co-creation in computing, the authors conducted a literature review of all papers in the ACM Digital Library with co-creation or co-create in their abstracts. After an initial screening, they retained 62 for further analysis. They introduce a framework to analyse different notions of co-creation, distinguishing between co-creation target audiences, the roles of co-creators, the role of technology (as means or objective) and the results of co-creation. They discuss the adoption of co-creation in domains such as learning, business, arts and culture, health, and the public sector. This working paper contributes to the understanding of different approaches and conceptualisations of co-creation in computing and puts forward an agenda for future research.

The full working paper can be accessed here.

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