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New special exhibition: "Media Worlds"

The ZeMKI cooperates with the Focke-Museum Bremen for its special exhibition on the 75th anniversary of Radio Bremen.

Mediatization as a metaprocess of social change in our society requires complex adaptations on the part of all its members. One of the tasks of educational institutions and of families is to impart media competence, which is the elementary responsibility of each individual. While the technical and scientific discourses are mainly conducted by globally operating tech companies and research institutions worldwide, fundamental findings and developments must also reach the general public. Cultural institutions such as theatres or museums are particularly suitable for this, as they are located at the interface between university research and institutional knowledge transfer. Their competence is to bring abstract knowledge to their audience in a vivid and multi-sensory way. Collaboration with these actors is a very good way to reach a broad audience beyond the scientific discourse.

The year 2020 is a media year. Broadcasting in Germany is celebrating its hundredth anniversary and the public broadcasting corporations of the ARD are celebrating their 75th anniversary. The occasion for numerous exhibitions on media topics throughout Germany. In Bremen, the Focke-Museum, Bremer Landesmuseum für Kunst und Kulturgeschichte will also put a focus on this topic: from September 26, 2020 to May 31, 2021, it will feature “Media Worlds. 75 Years of Radio Bremen” as a comprehensive special exhibition. The exhibition focuses not only on the anniversary of the radio station, but also on public broadcasting in Germany and the increase in communication media that shape our lives in a mediatized society.

ZeMKI and three of its colleagues from the Lab “Mediatization and Globalization” are advising the project team of the Focke-Museum as part of a scientific advisory board. This is supplemented by representatives of the Hamburg Leibnitz Institute for Media Research | Hans Bredow Institute and the State Institute for Schools Bremen. In several meetings during the course of the project, the Lab contributes broad specialist knowledge and current research findings to the development of the exhibition content. Students of the seminar “Tell:Media” in the bachelor’s programme in Communication and Media Studies produce media content for the exhibition in close consultation with the lab. ZeMKI thus supports the project team in maintaining high academic standards with regard to the topicality and completeness of the subject area, as well as using its professional and technical expertise to develop concrete material for the special exhibition. At the same time, it is networking more closely with Bremen’s cultural landscape and opening up to non-university educational institutions and their audiences.

More information on the exhibition can be accessed here.

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