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Beyond Disruption: The Life Cycle of Pioneer Communities and Their Role in the Transcultural Rise of a “Digital Society”

ZeMKI member Prof. Dr. Andreas Hepp will give a lecture at the conference "Entanglements: Transcultural encounters, new forms of work and entrepreneurship" at the British Academy London on 29 April 2022.

This presentation illustrates the life cycle of pioneer communities, starting with their formation, emerging from the context of social movements and technology-related communities, through their transcultural peak phase whereupon they emerge as startups (and their subsequent cultural byproducts), beginning to receive media attention, to their gradual demise, a stage in their development that is often accompanied by “becoming everyday” as their experimentation melts into quotidian practices. It is argued that the role pioneer communities play in the transcultural processes of deep mediatization is mediated by their ability to structure horizons by sounding out the possibility of change and catalyzing translation processes, which means, on the one hand, the translation of ideas between different social domains and, on the other, the transmission of the purely experimental. Through this life cycle, pioneer communities emerge rendered as fundamental, collective actors in society’s deeply mediatized rearticulation.

Further information on the research projects of Andreas Hepp can be found here.

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