Call for Papers for Special Issue “Careful Data Studies” in „Information, Communication and Society“

ZeMKI member Dr. Irina Zakharova and former ZeMKI member Prof. Juliane Jarke (University of Graz) are guest editors of a special issue on "Careful Data Studies" in "Information, Communication and Society".

The planned publication will discuss how an examination of concepts and theories around the term "care" can advance our understanding of the processes of datafication and automation in different areas of society. In this context, not only social areas in which care work traditionally plays a central role (e.g., health care or nursing) will be examined, but also those areas in which datafication processes increasingly promise a careful and prudent interaction between people and technologies (e.g., public administration). Care is understood here both in terms of an ethical norm and obligation and in terms of multiple situated practices that are collectively oriented toward achieving a better world.

The guest editors invite contributions that critically engage with the policies, governance, and responsibilities in and through datafied relations from a care perspective in order to open up new, productive avenues for discussion about the datafied society.

Call for Papers: PDF


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