Congratulations! Stephanie Geise is appointed "University Professor for Lifetime" by the City of Bremen

With this appointment, Stephanie Geise is now officially part of the University of Bremen and the ZeMKI.

After having represented the professorship of Communication and Media Studies with a focus on digital communication since the summer semester 2021, Stephanie Geise followed the call as a permanent professor at the University of Bremen in the summer semester 2022.

Stephanie Geise researches how people perceive and process political media content via images and texts. She focuses on the question of how multimodal media messages - for example, classic news, election advertising, or even fake news online - affect political thinking and action. In various research projects, she has combined survey methods with innovative, computer-based tracking methods (e.g., eye tracking, automated emotion recognition). At ZeMKI, she now heads the Lab "Political Communication and Innovative Methods". 

The ZeMKI extends its warmest congratulations and is happy to officially welcome Stephanie Geise as a professor. The institute benefits from the cooperation on an academic as well as on an interpersonal level and looks confidently into a common future. 

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