ecture on counter-publics and their evaluation in change by ZeMKI members Vertr. Prof. Christian Schwarzenegger and Dr. Erik Koenen

at the symposium co-organised by them:" Kommunikationsraum Straße - vom Kirchplatz zur Montagsdemonstration: Neue Perspektiven"

At the specialist conference of the Communication History Group and the Institute for Newspaper Research Dortmund, Vertr. Prof. Dr. Christian Schwarzenegger and Dr. Erik Koenen, together with Niklas Venema (University of Leipzig), gave a lecture on the topic "Von Emanzipation zu Desinformation? Gegenöffentlichkeiten und ihre Bewertung im Wandel" ("From Emancipation to Disinformation? Counter-publics and their evaluation in change").

The lecture focused on the question of how "counter-publics" and closely related "alternative media" have changed in recent years from emancipatory and participatory to right-wing to extreme right-wing discourse spaces and platforms. With a historical view of counter-publics and alternative media, the conference seeks to contribute comparative and long-term perspectives to the understanding of these recent transformations of the public sphere.

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