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The European Media Salon opens its doors

On 15 September 2021, the European Media Salon invites you to its first virtual events (via Zoom) from 6 pm.

If we want to understand how our society is currently changing with the increasing importance of digital media, data infrastructures and the automation of communication, probably nothing is more important than a joint critical discussion about this. And that is what the European Media Salon is meant to serve: In the tradition of the European salon as a meeting for open, intellectual exchange, it will be about discussion, partly online, partly in face-to-face meetings. At its opening, its initiators will discuss with Leopoldina Fortunati and all interested guests how such an exchange should best be organised. 

As one of six initiators of the European Media Salon, ZeMKI member Prof. Dr. Andreas Hepp is involved together with five other researchers from Estonia, Finland, Great Britain, Italy and Sweden.

More information can be found here.