International Workshop: "Where is Mediatization Research headed?

On Wednesday, 1 February, the ZeMKI will host the international workshop "Where is Mediatization Research headed? European and Latin American Perspectives" will take place.

Speakers include Prof. Dr. Lucrecia Escudero Chauvel from the University of Lille (France), Dr. Guillermo Olivera from the University of Stirling (UK), Dr. Joan Rodriguez-Amat from Sheffield Hallam University (UK) and Prof. Dr. Carlos Scolari from the University Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona (Spain). Also represented with lectures: ZeMKI Fellow Prof. em. Dr. Friedrich Krotz and ZeMKI members Prof. Dr. Stefanie Averbeck-Lietz and Dr. Stephan O. Görland. ZeMKI speaker Prof. Dr. Andreas Hepp will be the moderator.

Download the workshop programme

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