Lecture by ZeMKI member Dr. Cornelia Driesen on university communication in Germany

Dr. Cornelia Driesen will give a presentation on the current survey on the situation of university communication considering the demands for communication during ongoing crises at the 2022 Annual Conference of the German Association of University Communication on Sept. 22.

The Annual Conference will take place in Leipzig on the framework topic "Crisis as a permanent state - The new everyday life in university communication?". Together with Dr. Katharina Jeorgakopulos from HAW Hamburg, Matthias Fejes from TU Chemnitz and Prof. Dr. André Beauducel from the Center for Evaluation and Methods (ZEM) at the University of Bonn, ZeMKI lecturer Dr. Cornelia Driesen will focus the presentation on the origins and implementation of the quantitative survey of members of the German Association of University Communication, which is still ongoing. The annual conference is to stimulate with different lectures, Workshops and discussions among other things to deal with the job description of the university communication.

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