Lecture by ZeMKI members Andrea Grahl and Katharina Heitmann-Werner

"Die Klimakrise des Journalismus – Von Auflagen-Erosionen und Nachrichten-Wüsten“


Andrea Grahl and Katharina Heitmann-Werner will be at Republika in Berlin on 7 June. Their joint lecture will focus on the current crisis of journalism, which is characterised by declining circulation, dwindling numbers of print media users and falling advertising revenues. The lecture examines this journalistic climate change and its consequences for democratic society. Grahl and Heitmann-Werner's research focuses on the gap left by traditional journalism. This prepares the breeding ground for alternative forms of journalism and new digital news offerings. This is precisely the point of departure for the lecture. The speakers are of the opinion that local journalism must reformat itself and should be developed further in a collaborative manner. For this purpose, they have developed a local news platform in an interdisciplinary team of media scientists, journalism researchers, traditional and new local media as well as citizens, which bundles local news offerings of all kinds as a cooperative and thus secures financing for producers.

The climate crisis of journalism and the platform, a project from the ZeMKI-Lab "Datafication and Mediatization", will be discussed as a solution model in the lecture.

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