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Lectures of the Lab "Religion & Media" at this year's AAR conference

Prof. Dr. Radde-Antweiler and Dr. Dr. Lisa Kienzl each gave a lecture at this year's American Academy of Religion - Conference

Prof. Dr. Radde-Antweiler gave a lecture on Dec. 2, 2020 on the topic: "No One is Forced To Join a Cult": Researching the Mediatization Of Religion from The Perspective Of Game and Religious Studies".

Dr. Dr. Lisa Kienzls Lecture on Dec. 3, 2020 "Negotiating Norse Mythology and Paganism in Fan Culture Discussed on the Examples of the Television Series American Gods and Jordskott" dealt with the presentation of Nordic mythological and pagan ideas and characters in the two TV series as well as the confrontation with them by viewers* and fans. The question of what meanings are attributed to these productions will be explored.

This year the event will take place exclusively online.

Further information about the conference and the American Academy of Religion can be found here.


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