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New publication: "News with perspective"

ZeMKI member Dr. Leif Kramp co-authored a new research publication (in German language) on the adoption of constructive and solutions-oriented approaches in journalism practice in Germany

In times of crisis, newsrooms and individual journalists in Germany try to complement problem-fixed reporting with constructive approaches. They see this as an opportunity to change journalism as a whole for the better in the long term, as Leif Kramp and Stephan Weichert summed up in "Nachrichten mit Perspektive". The study presents concepts of constructive and solution-oriented reporting and analyses initial editorial implementations in Germany. With reports from practice, intensive interviews with experts and a broad service section,  the publication is more than just an introduction for critics and protagonists of the concepts. The study, which was published by the Otto Brenner Foundation, is also interesting for everyday journalistic work and is also suitable for teaching bodies in journalism education.

Further information is available here. The publication can be downloaded free of charge as a PDF or ordered as a printed copy.

Kramp, Leif / Stephan Weichert (2020): Nachrichten mit Perspektive. Lösungsorientierter und konstruktiver Journalismus in Deutschland. Frankfurt am Main: Otto-Brenner-Stiftung.