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New team of speakers at the ZeMKI

At its general meeting, the ZeMKI elected a new duo of spokespersons: Prof. Dr. Andreas Hepp and Prof. Dr. Kerstin Radde-Antweiler will lead the Central Research Unit of the University of Bremen as spokesperson and deputy spokesperson for the next two years.

"I am very much looking forward to our time together, in which we want to further deepen the interdisciplinary focus of the ZeMKI, also with the integration of cultural studies and the humanities, and establish it as a research focus," says Kerstin Radde-Antweiler about her new task. She succeeds Prof. Dr. Andreas Breiter, who, after almost ten years, did not run for the office of deputy ZeMKI spokesperson due to his new task as Chief Digital Officer of the University of Bremen. Radde-Antweiler heads the ZeMKI Lab "Media and Religion" and has been researching and teaching at the University of Bremen since 2012, initially as a junior professor and since 2018 as a professor of religious studies. 

Andreas Hepp thanks Andreas Breiter for his sustained commitment to building up the ZeMKI since its founding: "The recognition of the ZeMKI as a Central Research Unit of the University of Bremen is also closely linked to his person." The next two years will now be about further developing the ZeMKI's research strategy "for a time in which media are not only means of communication but also data generation," says Hepp.

The general meeting also elected delegates from the academic mid-level faculty for the ZeMKI steering committee: Anne Schmitz (Lab "Mediatisation and Globalization") and her deputy Arne Lorenz Gellrich (Lab "History of Communication and Media Change") will represent the doctoral students at the ZeMKI in the operative decision-making body in the next two years, Dr. Rasmus Greiner (Lab "Film, Media Art and Popular Culture") the postdocs.