New article by Dr. Daria Dergacheva: "WAR IS WAR: Vkontakte users discuss the Russian invasion of Ukraine"

The analysis of the Russian state-controlled platform VKontakte shows both positive, negative and neutral reactions of Russians to the invasion of Ukraine.

Using VKontakte's API, comments from different regions of Russia were analysed, with a focus on major cities. The analysis included comments and posts related to the Russian war on Ukraine and its aftermath, including international sanctions and measures taken by the Russian government. Posts were collected from the period of 4 to 8 March, resulting in a dataset of over 21,000 comments. 

The results suggest that there is no unified support for the war. VK users, who are normally considered more conservative and patriotic and likely to follow Putin's leadership, are at the very least sceptical of Russia invading the Ukraine and thus aadvancing the war. 

The article is published on Global Voices and can be accessed via the following link:  


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