New article by ZeMKI member Dr. Erik Koenen in open access

Critical Perspectives and Potentials of Historical Communication and Media Research in the Digital Age. Experiences and Challenges by Christian Schwarzegger and Erik Koenen.

"Digitizing Communication History" is an initiative founded in 2017 that is active in the field of German-language research in communication and media history. In addition to raising awareness and self-reflection within the field of communication and media history, as well as the practical transfer of digital literacy skills for communication and media historians, the teaching of historical literacy for communication studies is a key programmatic concern of the initiative. Against this background, the initiative sees itself as an interventionist and critical project, whose critical understanding and critical potential are presented in the article.

The article was published in: Yearbooks of the DGPuK: Annual Conference of the Sociology of Media Communication Section "Kritik (in) der Kommunikationswissenschaft“ (2019).

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