New article on the local news app published

The article "From Gatekeeping to Co-Creation: as a relational platform to overcome the crisis of local public sphere" was written by Katharina Heitmann-Werner, Andrea Grahl, Andreas Hepp, Wiebke Loosen and Leif Kramp and published by Evangelischer Pressedienst.

The article deals with the currently observed loss of relevance of classical local media and the resulting challenges for users, news providers and the local public as a whole. As part of the Southwest German Media Days, the topic was discussed under the title: "We don't need them anymore!" - Direct Communication vs. Free Press?" on June 29 and 30, 2022, the topic was intensively discussed with media professionals, politicians and citizens. Andrea Grahl and Katharina Heitmann-Werner from the project team were invited to provide insights into research and practice at the same time. demonstrates new opportunities for local journalism as a "best practice" example. The platform focuses on relationality in order to bring users, news providers and local discourses closer together again.

The article was published as part of the epd documentation of the Southwest German Media Days: 


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