New article on ZeMKI members Tatiana Astafeva and PD Dr Rasmus Greiner

Published by "up2date." a format of the online magazine of the University of Bremen

The article deals with the research of ZeMKI members Tatiana Astafeva and PD Dr. Rasmus Greiner on the topic of "defectors between National Socialism and the post-war period". 

In an interview format, the scholars report on the research on the hitherto little considered part of film history, namely those films that were produced during the National Socialist era but were never screened for various reasons, so-called "defector films". The research of the ZeMKI members tries to get to the bottom of questions about the incompleteness of the films, the depiction of National Socialist propaganda and the whereabouts and handling of these defector films in the post-war period.

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Tatiana Astafeva und Dr. Rasmus Greiner