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New articles by ZeMKI-members Andreas Hepp and Christian Katzenbach in the Cologne Journal of Sociology and Social Psychology (KZfSS)

The articles are published in volume 74 of issue 1 of the KZfSS. The journal is available via open access.

In his article Beyond Disruption: The Life Cycle of Pioneer Communities and Their Role in the Rise of a “Digital Society”, Prof. Dr. Andreas Hepp focuses on the role of pioneer communities in transformation processes of the profound mediatisation of society. The article can be accessed via the following link:  

Meanwhile, Prof. Dr. Katzenbach's article The Algorithmic Turn in Platform Governance: The Discursive, Political, and Technological Positioning of Algorithms and AI as a “Technological Fix” for Complex Challenges is dedicated to the reconstruction of the "algorithmic turn" in platform governance, i.e. the increasing positioning of automated processes to address these governance issues. The article can be accessed via the following link:

The entire issue of KZfSS and a listing of the individual articles can be found at the following link:    

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