New chapter by Prof. Dr. Stefanie Averbeck-Lietz: French and German Theories of Communication. Comparative Perspectives with Regard to the Social and the Epistemological Body of Science

ZeMKI-member Stefanie Averbeck-Lietz has written together with Sarah Cordonnier, University of Lyon, about the development of communication theories in a German-French perspective.

The book chapter can be found in the Handbook of Global Interventions (edited by Y. Miike and J.Yin) in the ICA (International Communication Association) book series.

Moving beyond the U.S.-Eurocentric paradigm of communication theory, this handbook broadens the intellectual horizons of the discipline by highlighting underrepresented, especially non-Western, theorists and theories, and identifies key issues and challenges for future scholarship.

Showcasing diverse perspectives, the handbook facilitates active engagement in different cultural traditions and theoretical orientations that are global in scope but local in effect. It begins by exploring past efforts to diversify the field, continuing on to examine theoretical concepts, models, and principles rooted in local cumulative wisdom. It does not limit itself to the mass-interpersonal communication divide, but rather seeks to frame theory as global and inclusive in scope, to which the german-french collaboration with StefanieAverbeck-Lietz contributes significantly.

The link to the handbook can be found here.



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