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New chapter by ZeMKI-Members Kerstin Radde-Antweiler and Hannah Grünenthal: “Investigating Media Appropriation. Photo Elicitation as a Tool for Collecting Data from the Media Repertoire”

The chapter discusses the use of photo elicitation in qualitative interviews and is published in the book "Mediatisierung religiöser Kultur" (“Mediatization of Religious Culture”).

Individual actors often do not consciously reflect on their media use, which makes it difficult to collect and evaluate communicative practices. The method of photo elicitation helps to ascertain the latent media use of individual actors.

The chapter appeared in the book "Mediatisierung religiöser Kultur" (“Mediatization of Religious Culture”), edited by Kristin Merle and Ilona Nord. The book addresses the importance of digitization for religion and religiosity and deals with both fundamental theoretical questions and aspects related to different disciplines and fields of action.

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