New essay by ZeMKI member Sabine Thöle in the current issue of medien & zeit

In the current issue of medien & zeit, Sabine Thöle publishes an essay dedicated to the pseudonym system of the journalist Martha Maria Gehrke (1894-1985).

The essay  "The bluff worked - I was considered a man for years". About Martha Maria Gehrke, journalist of the Weltbühne 1918 - 1933, and her pseudonyms Vanna Brenner, M.M. Gehrke and Hans Glenk, appears in issue 4/2021 volume 36 and contributes to making women visible in their democratic processes. Co-editor of the issue is ZeMKI member Dr. Erik Koenen.

As part of her doctoral project, Sabine Thöle is researching the constructions of femininity and masculinity in the publications of the journalist Martha Maria Gehrke. Further information on the project can be found here


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