New Issue of "Communications: The European Journal of Communication Research"

ZeMKI member Prof. Dr. Stephanie Averbeck-Lietz has edited the current issue of the journal together with Leen d'Haenes. This issue is a Special Issue that is completely open access.

"Communications: The European Journal of Communication Research" is an established forum for scholarship and academic debate in the field of communication studies and research from a European perspective. It highlights the concerns of communication studies, the study of the structure and function of communication processes and their impact on society, social groups and individuals, through the publication of articles, research reports, review articles and book reviews on theoretical and methodological developments. The journal covers the entire field of communication studies as an area of interest. The articles published cover a wide range of subfields within the discipline.

The following articles appear in this issue:

Bruno Campanella:

From mediated to datafied recognition: The role of social media news feeds

Eirik Vatnøy, Dawn Wheatley:

Mediated recognition in campaigns for justice: The case of the Magdalene laundry survivors

João C. Magalhães, Jun Yu:

Social media, social unfreedom

John Magnus Dahl, Torgeir Uberg Nærland:

Playful recognition: Television comedy and the politics of mediated recognition

Leif Hemming Pedersen:

Furries, freestylers, and the engine of social change: The struggle for recognition in a mediatized world


Here is the link to the new issue:

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