New Research Report on Religion in the Pandemic

published by ZeMKI-Member Dr. Hannah Grünenthal

After one year of research, the first reports of the findings have been published. In four short reports the qualitative analysis of publications of religious organisations on Covid is presented.
The Report on the German Case Study, looking at Roman Catholicism, the German Protestant Church, Islam and Anthroposophy in Germany, is available online here.
The research is part of the international research project "Recov 19 - The Changing Role of Religion in Societies Emerging from Covid-19", by ZeMKI-members Prof. Dr. Kerstin Radde-Antweiler (Principal Investigator) and Dr. Hannah Grünenthal (Researcher).
For more information on the project and links to the research reports of Canada, Ireland/Northern Ireland and Poland as well as the participating researchers see the project website.