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New ZeMKI Lab: "Innovative Methods & Political Will Formation"

Head of the Lab is Prof. Dr. Stephanie Geise. It uses computer-based, process-accompanying and experimental research methods to investigate how visual and multimodal media messages affect political thought and action.

The aim of the Lab "Innovative Methods & Political Will Formation" is to contribute to a better understanding of the role of multimodal media communication in the process of political decision-making – to better understand how it influences us and our democratic society. To this end, the research starts with the immediate sensory perception of political information, focuses on affective and cognitive media effects and asks about their consequences for political decision-making and political action. Because the conditions for conveying information in digitalised and mediatized public spheres are changing drastically, and political content is increasingly being presented multimodally, particular attention is paid to the interaction of visual and textual information. 

PD Dr. habil. Stephanie Geise studies how people perceive and process political media content through images and texts and how multimodal media messages - for example, traditional news articles, election advertising, or fake news online - affect political thinking and action. In various research projects, she has combined survey methods with innovative, computational tracking methods (e.g., eye tracking, automated emotion recognition). Since the summer semester of 2022, she has held the professorship of Communication and Media Studies with a focus on digital communication. 


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