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Conference: Comparative Media Studies in Today's World

Prof. Dr. Andreas Hepp holds keynote at international conference on digital media, data infrastructures and pioneer journalism.

On April 16, Andreas Hepp takes part in the 7th Annual International Conference "Comparative Media Studies in Today's World" in St. Petersburg, Russia. This year's theme of the conference is "Communities, Audiences, Publics". The keynote speech Andreas Hepp will give has the title "Digital media, data infrastructures and pioneer journalism: The re-figuration of public communication in times of deep mediatization". Find the abstract below.

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As a consequence of ‘deep mediatization’– the increasing entanglement of the social world with digital media and their infrastructures – public communication has fundamentally transformed. These changes can, of course, manifest themselves in negative ways such as metric-driven journalism, fake news, or silos of media use. But, in equal measure, these alterations in the media environment have had positive manifestations such as investigative forms of data journalism, an increase in user participation in journalism, or the chance for users to enrich their media repertoires with more diverse sources. While being ambivalent in their character, these examples express the extent to which public communication is currently being re-figured

Against this background, I want to discusses ‘pioneer journalism’ as a principal force in the re-figuration of journalism and its organizational foundations. I understand pioneer journalism to encompass new forms of journalism that are dedicated to re-defining the field. This includes journalism from established media organizations and startups alike, journalism supported by accelerators, or journalism pursued by individual pioneers. Pioneer journalism aims to establish new figurations for the production and distribution of journalism. Media and digital technologies play a crucial role in this re-figuration. The aim of the presentation is to give some insights into how this re-figuration of journalism and thus public communication takes place.

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