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New Book: "Deep Mediatization" by Andreas Hepp

ZeMKI member Prof Dr Andreas Hepp has written a new book on "Deep Mediatization" in which he takes an integrative look at one of the biggest questions in media and communications research: how digital media is changing society.

Often, such questions are discussed in isolation, losing sight of the overarching context in which they are situated. Hepp has developed a theory of the re-figuration of society by digital media and their infrastructures, and provides an understanding of how profound today’s media-related changes are, not only for institutions, organizations and communities, but for the individual as well. Rooted in the latest research, this book does not stop at a description of media-related change; instead, it raises the normative challenge of what deep mediatization should look like so that it might just stimulate a 'good life' for all.

Providing original and critical research, the book introduces deep mediatization to students of media and cultural studies, as well as neighboring disciplines like sociology, political science and other cognate disciplines.

Hepp, Andreas (2020): Deep Mediatization. Key Ideas in Media & Cultural Studies. Routledge, 248 pages, 8 B/W illustrations, 24.99 GBP

Further information can be accessed here

A book flyer with a discount code can be downloaded here.

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