Presentations of ZeMKI members at ECREA 2022, 9th European Communication Conference

The ECREA Conference, which will take place from October 19 to 22 in Aarhus, Denmark, is framed by the theme "Rethink Impact". ZeMKI is represented in large numbers by contributions from its members, who will present their own research as well as take on leadership roles.

Overview of contributions by ZeMKI members at ECREA 2022:

Pre-Conference Contributions: 

Stephanie Geise, Katharina Maubach  & Alena Boettcher Eli: Playing by the (Face)book. Social media campaign strategies in the German federal election 2021.ECREA Pre-Conference «Digital Election Campaigning Worldwide”

Stephanie Geise, Alena Boettcher Eli & Katharina Maubach: Issues in Interpreting and Quantifying Visual Data – a Mixed-Methods Approach Combining Quantitative Eye-tracking and qualitative RTA-Data, ECREA Pre-Conference & Workshop «Visual Politics & Protest – Current Methodological Challenges»

Thursday, 20.10.2022


Leif Kramp & Stephan Weichert: Digital Resilience: Rethinking the Impact of Media Transformation!presentationdetails/0000195600_0


Jens Pohlmann: To overblock or not to overblock? – The discourse about platform regulation and freedom of speech in Germany!presentationdetails/0000195990_0


Allessandro Belli, Florian Hohmann, Matthias Berg, Cindy Roitsch & Andreas Hepp: The Use of Smartphone-Based Media Diaries to Analyze Weekly Process Patterns of Cross-Media Use (Abstract)


Daria Dergacheva: 'State narrative' construction on Twitter. A case study around news stories on LGTB issues in Russia!presentationdetails/0000196550_0

Friday, 21.10.2022:


Stephanie Seul: A force for good in the world? The PRESSA (International Press Exhibition Cologne 1928) and the public discourse on the impact of the press on international relations!presentationdetails/0000196790_0


Christian Katzenbach & Christian Pentzold: Smoothing out smart tech’s rough edges: Imperfect automation and the human fix!presentationdetails/0000196870_0


Philip Sinner, Jörg-Uwe Nieland, Christof Seeger, Daniel Nölleke, Christian Schallhorn & Thomas Horky: “There is simply no substitute for on-site training” – Experiences with online training in German and Austrian grassroots sports clubs during the COVID-19 pandemic!presentationdetails/0000197030_0


Irina Zakharova: Understanding data studies: rethinking research on datafication conceptually and methodologically!presentationdetails/0000196990_0

Saturday, 22.10.2022:


Andreas Hepp & Wiebke Loosen: Between “love” and “dystopian fears”: Pioneer journalists’ motivation to change the field


Florian Hohmann, Alessandro Belli & Andreas Hepp: Sorting by software: Collecting data in mobile situations and among marginalized groups (Abstract)


Viviane Harkort: From Paris to Berlin: The Discursive Construction of Transnational Roles and Practices in the Franco-German Journalistic Milieu!presentationdetails/0000197890_0

Y. Mao, Vanessa Richter & Christian Katzenbach: Imaginaries of Artificial Intelligence: Industry Stakeholders’ Communicative Construction of AI in China, Germany and the US!sessiondetails/0000197890_0

The whole program of ECREA 2022 as well as further information about the event can be found here.

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