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As part of individualisation, optimisation and transparency efforts, digitisation and datafication increasingly permeate pedagogical contexts. With the optimisation of teaching and learning through data, numbers and algorithms, the use of digitally generated data or automated evaluation methods, for example, is increasing. Compared to familiar forms of data generation, this is new in that data can now be linked almost arbitrarily and digital devices, individual platforms and technical ecosystems are now in continuous operation. They generate apparent "certainties" and supposedly objective feedback, and thus help determine pedagogical practice in its execution. However, these processes of datafication are also connected to questions of 'data formation'.

We would like to address some of these questions in the week of data formation in order to build a bridge between science and everyday school life.

The All is data1 project's Data Education Week will take place from 25-29 September 2023 in the form of a digital event series via Zoom. On five dates, short (after-)lunch impulses, each from 14:00-15:00, from science and educational practice will be discussed on the topic of datafication in the school context.

These are aimed at interested researchers, teachers, head teachers, but also other educational staff in and around schools, teacher trainers and the interested public.

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