Review of the research software MeTag App and MeTag Analyze in the journal M&K

The current issue of "Medien & Kommunikationswissenschaft" (M&K) features a review of the research software MeTag App and MeTag Analyze. Andreas Hepp is principal investigator within the development of the software.

The review was written by Giovanna Mascheroni and Lorenzo Giuseppe Zaffaroni and appears in the third issue of the 70th edition of the media journal M&K.

In the article, the authors* contextualize the importance of media diaries as a research tool in phenomenological and user-centered research traditions. Based on preliminary results from their own test project, the authors* highlight the key methodological advantages of the MeTag app for researchers seeking a nuanced understanding of media practices and communication repertoires in different contexts and across different time periods. 

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