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Sigrid Kannengießer appointed as professor at ZeMKI

The University of Bremen has appointed Sigrid Kannengießer as professor of Communication and Media Studies with a Focus on Media Society. She sets up a new lab "Sustainability and digital societies“ at ZeMKI.

Moreover, Sigrid Kannengießer stays member at artec – Sustainability Research Center of the University of Bremen.

In her lab at ZeMKI, Sigrid Kannengießer continues and broadens her research on the relevance of media practices and media technologies for sustainability in digital societies. She analyzes different actors (individuals, non-governmental organizations and companies) that criticize the social and ecological exploitation that digitization causes and that (try to) contribute to sustainability with their production and appropriation of media (as organizations, content and technologies). 

Moreover, Sigrid Kannengießer perpetuates her research on data practices and digital infrastructures – studying initiatives that criticize structures and practices of surveillance capitalism and develop alternatives to protect data in online communication and digital technologies. 

In a third research area, Sigrid Kannengießer studies different social movements and their use of media to network, mobilize, articulate their political demands and to empower marginalized people in different national contexts. Here, among others, she deals with the women’s movement and contributes to the research area of Gender Media Studies.   

Therefore, her appointment to the University of Bremen broadens the profile of ZeMKI in the research areas on sustainability, data practices and social movements. With her research Sigrid Kannengießer addresses some of the most crucial challenges of current digital societies that have to be dealt with urgently.

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