Special issue on mediatization research published in the journal deSignis

The special issue is edited by Andreas Hepp and Guillermo Olivera with the collaboration of Susan Benz, Lucrecia Escudero Chauvel and Heiko Kirschner.

The Latin American journal defines itself as non-profit and aimed at promoting dialogue and interdisciplinary debate in the social sciences for the elaboration of overarching concepts and comparative studies. A particular focus of deSignis is to address regional issues and publish research that contributes to a deeper understanding and cultural ingetragtion of the area. This, and its commitment to the professionalization of actors in the discipline at universities, ensures the journal's great importance in the Latin American context. 

The publication of the special issue also highlights the importance of global research, which contributes not only to the multiplication of perspectives, but also to the combination of research traditions, as is clearly demonstrated in the special issue. 

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