Successful dissertation collogium by ZeMKI member Katharina Heitmann-Werner

the whole ZeMKI congratulates!

On 12.10.2023, ZeMKI member Katharina Heitmann-Werner had successfully completed the colloquium as part of her dissertation procedure - congratulations !
The title of the dissertation is "Civil society actors in the communicative figuration of the city. An actor-centred analysis of urban public sphere". Using the examples of Bremen and Weye, Katharina Heitmann-Werner has investigated how civil society actors become involved in the city public sphere. She showed that very different types of institutions, associations, initiatives and other collectives can be identified: The event-oriented, participation-oriented, discourse-oriented, aid-oriented, segment-oriented, community-oriented and member-oriented. These differ according to their importance for the urban public, their communicative strategies, the practices of their communication and the media they use as well as their networks. Katharina Heitmann-Werner's analysis thus makes the urban public sphere tangible as a dynamic figuration - and it shows that we should think anew and differently about media and platforms for communication in the city.