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"The New Sector": Pioneering Media Start-ups in Europe

As part of its pioneering research in the media sector, the ZeMKI is cooperating with Netzwerk Recherche on a project about innovative media start-ups in Europe.

Independent media organisations are currently emerging in various places in Europe, trying to defy the media crisis in very different ways. Within the framework of its DFG project network, the ZeMKI, together with the Leibniz Institute for Media Research | Hans Bredow Institute, is cooperating with the journalism association Netzwerk Recherche, which aims to make this lively journalistic start-up scene more visible. "Arena for Journalism in Europe" (Dataharvest) and the Schöpfung Foundation are also involved. The project aims to map practical projects that try to fill those gaps that arise where private sector media withdraw in the European press and media landscape. Some of these pioneers are part of the ever-growing field of non-profit journalism. Others do not share the fiscal status, but the underlying mindset: they primarily serve the public interest and do not aim to maximise profits. They focus on the well-being of the general public and their own community.


Further information on the project network Pioneer Journalism can be found here.