ZeMKI member Prof. Dr. Andreas Hepp in Cardiff

At the Future of Journalism conference

The Future of Journalism 2023 conference will take place on 14 and 15 September at the School of Journalism, Media and Culture in Cardiff, Wales. In terms of content, the papers cover a range of topics dealing with "Journalism in Troubled Times: Threats, Opportunities and Research".

ZeMKI member Prof. Dr. Andreas Hepp will give a lecture on the second day of the conference entitled: "What does communicative AI "enable" in reporting? "Imaginaries" and "realities" of pioneer journalism".

Briefly summarised, the lecture will focus on the questions of whether and how communicative AIs, such as ChatGPT, have an influence on journalism and what opportunities open up through the use of these AIs. Prof. Hepp gets to the bottom of this by unravelling a qualitative study on this topic. In his lecture, he comes to the conclusion that automation in journalism enables new human-machine figurations of journalistic work as well as new forms of social observation based on automatically processed data. Thus, the use of AI in journalism is not simply about possible changes in journalistic routines, but about an automation of communication with relevance for society as a whole.

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Prof. Dr. habil. Andreas Hepp