ZeMKI members at the ICA 2023

25. - 29. May in Toronto, Canada


The theme of this year's International Assosiation of Communication is "Reclaiming Authenticity in Communication". The conference invites communication scholars to explore how authenticity has become a variable rather than a constant in public discourse and popular culture around the world, and the relational, social, political and cultural implications of this.

Several members of the ZeMKI are also travelling to Toronto to participate in the international discourse and exchange through their research and various presentations. 

Here is a summary of the contributions of the ZeMKI (most of the presentations have been made in cooperation with scientists from other institutes to see the full list of presenters here is the programm of the ICA):


Wednesday 24. 05. 

Vertr. Prof. Dr. Christian Schwarzenegger: “Alternative authenticity?“ How users of alternative media negotiate authenticity

Thursday 25. 05

Vertr. Prof. Dr. Christian Schwarzenegger: Avoid, resist, turn elsewhere: Alternative media use as a form of news avoidance and media resistance

Vertr. Prof. Dr. Christian Schwarzenegger:  “Find me on Mastodon!” – The politics, aesthetics, and genre of (not) disconnecting from Twitter.

Friday 26. 05 

Panel: "Activism, Communication and Social Justice" moderiert von Vertr. Prof. Dr. Christian Schwarzenegger

Dr. Philip Sinner: Authentic Organizational Communication in Challenging Times: Long-Term Communicative Practices of Grassroots Sports Clubs in Germany and Austria

Prof. Dr. Christian Katzenbach, Dr. Dennis Redeker und Selim Basoglu:  Finally Opening Up? The Evolution of Transparency Reporting Practices of Social Media Platforms 

Verena Honkomp-WilkensProf. Dr. Karsten Wolf: Is There a Gendered Response to YouTube Tutorials? Self-Representation and Commenting Behavior around Extracurricular Educational Content

Prof. Dr. Andreas Hepp: From Human-Machine Interaction to Communicative AI: The Automation of Communication 83 as an Object of Media and Communication Research

Prof. Dr. Christian KatzenbachProf. Dr. Cornelius Puschmann: From Human-Machine Interaction to Communicative AI: The Automation of Communication 83 as an Object of Media and Communication Research

Vertr. Prof. Dr. Christian Schwarzenegger, Dr. Erik Koenen: Crossing Temporal and Cultural Boundaries of Digital Communication Research: Communication History as a Critical Intervention

Saturday 27.05

Anne Schmitz: “Technically Speaking We Are Ready: Now We Are Waiting for the Newsroom to Move”: A Media Ethnography on the Development Processes around Journalistic Software Tools

Prof. Dr. Andreas Hepp, Hendrik Kühn: Projections, Products, Protoyping, Projects: The “4 Pros” of Pioneer Journalism

Prof. Dr Stephanie Geise: Catch Me If You Can: How Episodic and Thematic Multimodal News Frames Shape Policy Support by Stimulating Visual Attention and Responsibility Attributions

Prof. Dr. Christian Katzenbach, Vanessa Richter, Dr. Daria Dergacheva: Public Imaginaries of Technologies: Conceptual Framework and Empirical Illustrations

Dr. Jens Pohlmann: The Threat of “Overblocking” Due to Platform Regulation: Insights from the Discourse about the German Network Enforcement Act on IT-Blogs and in Nationwide Newspapers

Dr. Philip Sinner: Club-Owned Media and Authentic Communication in Professional Sports: A Challenge for Clubs, Fans, and Followers of German Bundesliga and 2nd Bundesliga

Patrick Zerrer und Prof. Dr. Cornelius Puschmann: Tool-Demo: Can I Record Your Keywords? Mobile Keyword Tracking as a Data Source in Communication Research

Sunday 28.05

Hannah-Marie Büttner: Among Anti-Vaxxers, Esoterics and Right-Wing Radicals: Anti-Covid Communities’ Social Media Activism on Telegram

Prof. Dr. Andreas Hepp: Experimenting with the Future: The Life Cycle of Pioneer Communities

Panel: "Climate Activism and Protest der Activism, Communication and Social Justice Interest Group" moderiert von Vertr. Prof. Dr. Christian Schwarzenegger

Dr. Philip Sinner: Ban Hate: Actor Constellation and Communicative Practices of the No Hate Speech Committee in Austria from a Figuration-Theoretical Perspective

Panel: Communication and Technology moderiert von Prof. Dr. Andreas Hepp

Monday 29.05

Panel: Visual Communication Studies moderiert von Prof. Dr. Stephanie Geise

Vertr. Prof. Dr. Christian Schwarzenegger: Disconnecting for Sustainability: Soft Activism Shaping Digitization and Datafication in a More Sustainable Way

Prof. Dr. Cornelius Puschmann: Hate Speech, Incivility and Related Concepts of Disrespectful Language on the Internet: A Scoping Review


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