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We are pleased to welcome you to our website for the joint annual conference of the ZeMKI, the division for the history of communication in the DGPuK, the Institute for Newspaper Research, Dortmund and the Association for the Promotion of Newspaper Research Dortmund.

The conference on the topic "Communication history of International Organizations and NGOs" will take place online from April 22 to 23, 2021.

On this site you will find all important information about the registration and the conference program.



Prof. Dr. Madeleine Herren-Oesch (University of Basel)

Dr. Torsten Kahlert (Forschungsverbund MWW, Herzog August Bibliothek Wolfenbüttel)


Call for Papers

Submissions are requested by 1 September 2020. 

Call for Papers 



The conference will take place virtually.

Thursday, 22 April 2021


8.45-9.00  Check In 

9.00-9.45  Welcome Notes

Prof. Dr. Kerstin Radde-Antweiler (ZeMKI – Center for Media, Communication and Information Research, University of Bremen)

PD Dr. Astrid Blome (ZI – Institute for Newspaper Research, Dortmund)

Dr. Christian Schwarzenegger (DGPuK, German Association of Communication Researchers, Communication History Section)

Prof. Dr. Stefanie Averbeck-Lietz (ZeMKi-Lab Communication History and Media Change, University of Bremen)

9.45-10.45  Keynote Madeleine Herren-Oesch (Basel): The effectiveness of the invisible: Communication  and International Organizations during World War II


11.00-12.30  Panel 1: Remembering the League of Nations

Chair: Kaarle Nordenstreng (Tampere)

11.00-11.30  Fei Huang (Beijing): The 1919 Moment Revisited: Two versions of Self-determination and the background of League of Nations

11.30-12.00  Peter de Bourgraaf (Amsterdam): Postcolonial IO Cultures of Remembrance? Mind the gap!

12.00-12.30  Soonim Shin (Vienna): Albert Cohens literarische Satire auf den Völkerbund: „Belle du seigneur“ / Albert Cohen's satire on the League of Nations: "Belle du seigneur" (Presentation in German)

Lunch break with poster session on “Visual Communication of International Organizations” (in German), MA-Student’s Research Seminar, ZeMKI

13.00-14.00  Panel 2: How to Mediate International Organizations

Chair: Emil Eiby Seidenfaden (Oxford)

13.00-13.30  Kaiyi Li (Braunschweig): Teaching the League of Nations: An attempt of cultivating international consensus during the interwar period

13.30-14.00  Miriam Goetz (Düsseldorf): Internationale Organisationen in der Öffentlichkeit und öffentlichen Debatten: Die UN im Spiegel serbischer und kroatischer Karikaturen (1986-2008) / International Organizations in the Public Sphere and Public Debates: The UN in the Mirror of Serbian and Croatian Caricatures (1986-2008) (Presentation in German, Slides in English)

Coffee Break with poster session 

14.30-16.00  Panel 3: Norm building and Communication in International Organizations

Chair: Arne L. Gellrich (Bremen)

14.30-15.00  Sarah Nelson (Nashville): The Anticolonial Struggle to Universalize “Information Freedom” through International Organizations in the 20th Century

15.00-15.30  Jürgen Wilke (Mainz): The Prevalence of Communication. A case study on the early International Labour Organisation (ILO)

15.30-16.00  Sigrid Kannengießer (Bremen): From Millennium Development Goals to Sustainable Development Goals: Transforming development communication to sustainability communication?

16.30-17:30FG-Sitzung Kommunikationsgeschichte mit Verleihung Nachwuchsförderpreis Kommunikationsgeschichte 2021 (Meeting of the Communication History Section of the DGPuK, German Association of Communication Researchers, in German)


Friday, 23 April 2021


9.00-10.00  Keynote Torsten Kahlert (Wolfenbüttel): International Bureaucracy at Work. The League of Nations Secretariat and its International Civil Servants.

10.30-11.30  Panel 4: Communicating Europe

Chair: Astrid Blome (Dortmund)

10.30-11.00  Anne Bruch (Hamburg): "Mission Europe". The Communication Policy of the European Institutions and their early audio-visual Public Relations Campaigns (1948-1973)

11.00-11.30  Ines Soldwisch (Aachen): Das Europäische Parlament als Kommunikationsraum – Konstituierung, Organisation und Wahrnehmung durch die Abgeordneten / The European Parliament as a Communication Space - Constitution, Organization and Perception by the Members of Parliament (Presentation in German, Slides in English)

Lunch Break with poster session on “Visual Communication of International Organizations” (in German) MA-Student’s Research Seminar, ZeMKI

12.30-14.00  Panel 5: Case studies in Internationalism

Chair: Chair: Thomas Birkner (Münster)

12.30-13.00  Pelle van Dijk (Florence): Internationalism on Display: Case studies on the League of Nations in the member states 

13.00-13.30  Arvind Rajagopal (New York): International Organizations and National Communication Systems: India’s Satellite Television Experiment, Unesco and Ford Foundation

13.30-14.00  Roja Zaitoonie (Bochum): The Policy-Making of the United Nations in the Field of Media and Public Communication – A Historical Comparison between the General Assembly and the Security Council

Coffee break with poster session

14.30-15.00  Panel 6: Risk and Development Communication

Chair: Christian Schwarzenegger (Salzburg)

14.30-15.00  Lukas Schemper (Berlin): International Organisations and the Communication of Risk: the example of the Atomic Energy Agency in the 1970s-1980s

Résumé Erik Koenen/Stefanie Averbeck-Lietz


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Coordination Team

Dr. Erik Koenen (ZeMKI, University of Bremen), ekoenenprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de

Prof. Dr. Stefanie Averbeck-Lietz (ZeMKI, University of Bremen), averbeck.lietzprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de




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