Media Education for all - Digitalization. Participation. Diversity.

GMK-Forum Kommunikationskultur

The 35th Forum Communication Culture 2018 of the Gesellschaft für Medienpädagogik und Kommunikationskultur (GMK) takes place in cooperation with the ZeMKI at the University of Bremen. 

Navigating through cities, searching for information, making appointments, cultivating friendships, playing in teams, looking for partnerships, documenting everyday life and significant moments - all this is hardly imaginable without digital media. We learn with digital media, organize our work, plan and spend our free time digitally. Diverse educational opportunities and social participation today are always linked to digital communication and digital media experiences.

But by no means everyone has equal access to digital media and media education in the digital world. Politics, culture and education are currently particularly challenged to allow children, adolescents and adults of all ages and with different prerequisites to participate creatively and critically. Inclusive media education has the goal of reaching all people and stimulating joint media action.

How this can be implemented in practice, what scientific findings there are and how this process can also be advanced and shaped in the long term is the topic of the conference of the Gesellschaft für Medienpädagogik und Kommunikationskultur e.V. (Society for Media Education and Communication Culture).  (GMK).

With impulses and workshops from science and practice, the GMK Forum 2018 offers answers to the following questions:

How can media education support and accompany the social process of inclusion?
How can media work promote digital cultural and political participation?
How can people with diverse backgrounds be successfully reached through media education?
What must school and child and youth work complement each other in order to enable the (digital) participation of all pupils*?
How should media projects be designed to promote exchange and cooperation between children and young people with different backgrounds?
With contributions from: Raul Krauthausen, Berlin; Prof. Dr. Ingo Bosse, University of Dortmund; Ninia LaGrande, Hanover; Dr. Ricarda Drüeke, University of Salzburg; Ass. Prof. Dr. Christopher Power, University of York, UK.

With workshops on topics such as schools, kindergartens, civic media, political education and on topics such as decoding algorithms, expressing diversity and recognising fake news.

For the organisers* and cooperation partners* the inclusiveness of the conference is important. Corresponding support offers will be set up for participants if required (supported by the bpb).

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Contact: Society for Media Education and Communication Culture e.V. (GMK) │ 0521/677 88 │ gmk[at]

The meeting of the society for medium education and communication culture is promoted among other things by: Aktion Mensch, Federal Agency for Civic Education (bpb), Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth (BMFSFJ), Good Growth with Media (GAmM), Bremische Landesmediananstalt, Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle Fernsehen (fsf), Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk (DKHW), University of Bremen, Centre for Media, Communication and Information Research (ZeMKI), Institute for Information Management Bremen (ifib), Klicksafe