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    ZeMKI Media Talks

    The ZeMKI Media Talks promise deep insights into current developments on the media scene and sound academic classification.

Once or twice a semester, the Center for Media, Communication and Information Research (ZeMKI) of the University of Bremen invites personalities from media practice to discuss social issues relating to media change together with a ZeMKI member - in cooperation with the broadcasting station Bremen Zwei.

ZeMKI media talks with Karolin Schwarz

Tuesday, 28 January 2020, 7 p.m.

Karolin Schwarz, born in 1985, ist an independent journalist and expert for right propaganda on the internet. Her book "Hasskrieger: Der neue globale Rechtsextremismus" will be published in February 2020.

The ZeMKI Media Talk with Karoliin Schwarz, Tinia Würfel (Bremen Zwei) and Prof. Dr. Cornelius Puschmann (ZeMKI, University of Bremen) and the subsequent discussion will take place at Pusdorf Studios, Ladestraße 12-14, 28197 Bremen. Admission starting from 6:30 pm. Admission is free.

ZeMKI media talks with Julian Reichelt

Tuesday, 29 October 2019, 6 p.m.

Julian Reichelt, born in 1980, is editor-in-chief of the print and digital editions of the BILD and, as chairman of the editors-in-chief, bears overall editorial responsibility for the BILD brand at Axel Springer. 

The talk with Julian Reichelt, Tinia Würfel (Bremen Zwei) and Prof. Dr. Andreas Hepp (ZeMKI, University of Bremen) and the subsequent discussion will take place at Pusdorf Studios, Ladestraße 12-14, 28197 Bremen. Admission starting from 17:30 clock. Admission is free.

ZeMKI Media Talks with Ronja von Rönne 

Thursday, 14. May 2019, 19:00

Ronja von Rönne works as blogger, journalist, book author and moderator. With her blog "Sudelheft", her newspaper colums and books she is regarded as a voice of her generation. At the ZeMKI Media Talks in cooperation with Bremen Zwei she discusses - together with media researcher Christian Pentzold and radio moderator Tinia Würfel - her  work and how the digital transformation of media and communication is challenging us.

The disuccsion with Ronja von Rönne, Prof. Dr. Christian Pentzold and Tinia Würfel will take place at Café Karton, Am Deich 86, 28199 Bremen. Start: 19:00.

Flyer Mediengespräch mit Ronja von Rönne

"The Future of Infotainment" (Fynn Kliemann, YouTube-Star)

Thursday, 7. June 2018, 19:00

With his video channel "Kliemannsland", Fynn Kliemann has already reached almost 45 million hits on YouTube since its launch almost two years ago. Together with Prof. Dr. Andreas Hepp (ZeMKI) and moderator Tinia Würfel (Bremen Zwei), Kliemann discusses the future of infotainment. With his video diary, Fynn Kliemann from Lower Saxony regularly reaches hundreds of thousands of mainly young viewers. As part of the content network of "Funk" (ARD/ZDF), the passionate do-it-yourself enthusiast lets himself be filmed making entertaining handicrafts and works on his farm in Elsdorf in close contact with his fans. The protagonist discusses what lies behind the "gigantic playground for the gripping, creative and free spirits" (self-description) and what Fynn Kliemann's success says about the entertaining communication of information and skills together with moderator Tinia Würfel and communication and media researcher Andreas Hepp. The audience will have the opportunity to take a seat on the couch and join in the discussion.

The ZeMKI Media Talks are recorded and will be broadcast on 19 June 2018 at 21:05 on the Bremen Zwei radio programme.

The discussion with Fynn Kliemann and the subsequent discussion with Prof. Dr. Andreas Hepp, moderated by Tinia Würfel, will take place in Café Karton, Am Deich 86, 28199 Bremen. Admission from 19 o'clock.

"The Quantified Self" (Gary Wolf, Journalist)

Tuesday, 14. November 2017, 19:00

Ten years ago a small group of self-trackers began meeting in the San Francisco Bay Area to discuss what they were learning about themselves from their own data Since then, the Quantified Self has spread around the world. I'll discuss the rise of the Quantified Self movement and the emerging practice of "personal discovery with everyday science. 

Gary Wolf is a journalist (e.g. "Wired"), author and co-founder of the Quantified Self movement.