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Hacker States: Four Arguments Why State Hacking is Bad - Adam Fish

27. Juni 2018 von 12:00 bis 14:00 Uhr im ZeMKI, Linzer Str. 4, Raum 60.070

In the recent past, rogue hacktivists captured our imagination with their bravado, success, and political values. Recently, however, a new hacker has gained prominence, one that is also motivated by politics but financially supported by the state. Based on several years of fieldwork with hackers in court rooms, ethical hacking workshops, and elsewhere, I examine why both authoritarian and democratic state hacking is deleterious to the legitimacy of the state, the legal system, “ethical” capitalism, and the democratic process itself. I argue that state hacking is detrimental to democratic elections, the integrity of the security services, transparency in government, privacy for the individual, the separation of public and private militaries, the judicial system, and the development of ethical cyber-security practices. State hacking is harmful because it provides unparalleled advantage to rulemakers who exist in this shadows of government while delegitimizing citizen-lead government. The state’s monopoly on violence now extends online.

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