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Book Series

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    At the ZeMKI various scientific book series are published

eds. Prof. Dr. Uwe Hasebrink und Prof. Dr. Andreas Hepp

The book series ‘Transforming Communications’ is dedicated to cross-media communication research. It aims to support all kinds of research that are interested in processes of communication taking place across different kinds of media and that subsequently make media’s transformative potential accessible. With this profile, the series addresses a wide range of different areas of study: media production, representation and appropriation as well as media technologies and their use, all from a current as well as a a historical perspective.

Overview of the published books

eds. Prof. Dr. Maren Hartmann, Prof. Dr. Andreas Hepp, Prof. Dr. Friedrich Krotz, Prof. Dr. Waldemar Vogelgesang

The series focuses on an interdisciplinary examination of the field of media, culture and communication. Whether we think of our 'own' culture or 'foreign' cultures, these are comprehensively permeated with processes of media communication. But what changes are cultures exposed to? How do different media such as film, television, the Internet or mobile communication relate to different cultural forms? How does everyday life change under the influence of increasingly globalised media communication? Which media skills are necessary to find one's way in societies that are permeated by media? These are questions related to media and cultural change and the associated challenges and conflicts that the volumes of the series Media  Culture  Communication want to deal with. This subject area transcends the boundaries of various social and cultural science disciplines such as communication and media studies, sociology, political science, linguistics and literature. The various volumes of the series aim to take a broad social science perspective on the complex interrelationship of media, culture and communication, based on different theoretical and empirical approaches. The series is intended to make both current research and overview presentations in this area accessible.

The Sociology of Media Communication Section of the German Society for Journalism and Communication Studies (DGPuK) annually awards a dissertation prize in the field of "Media  Culture  Communication". 

Overview of the published books

eds. Prof. Dr. Philomen Schönhagen und Prof. Dr. Stefanie Averbeck-Lietz

The series aims at research-relevant contributions to the history of social communication and its media as well as to the history of communication science and ideas. A further focus is the theory and methodology of the history of communication. The temporal horizon is open, so studies on media and communication change in the 20th and 21st centuries are conceivable. The series is aimed at an interdisciplinary and international audience with a focus on German-speaking countries.

Overview of the published books

ed. Prof. Dr. Winfried Pauleit

The Bremer Schriften, published by Schüren Verlag, Marburg, Germany, brings together research results, current positions and innovative practical methods for film mediation. The aim of the series is to bring the institutions of cinema and school, as well as cinema, museum and archive, into dialogue with each other. This encounter aims at synergy effects. Film mediation can also provide impulses for learning at school as well as in other places. Together, cinema and school, but also cinema and museum, can become spaces of experience, but they can also provide the means to shape and change society. The Bremen publications focus both on explicit research work on film mediation and on film and media science research approaches that open up perspectives for the mediation of film and media, as well as on pedagogical research with a specific interest in film and cinema.

Overview of the published books

eds. Dr. Astrid Blome, Prof. Dr. Holger Böning und Prof. Dr. Michael Nagel

The development of the modern age is inconceivable without a printing press. Its products are the subject of this series, which focuses on periodical fonts - calendars, newspapers, magazines, intelligence sheets. However, other fonts and their effects are not excluded either, such as travelogues that served the appropriation of the world, or autobiographies that contributed to the self-understanding of the reading public. The aim is to grasp the significance and wealth of journalistic and literary production, as it has decisively shaped the development of modern society and continues to determine our everyday lives to this day. The series is published by the staff of the Institute for German Press Research, ZeMKI members Holger Böning and Michael Nagel as well as Astrid Blome and is published by edition lumiere in Bremen.

Overview of the published books