Peer-reviewed Open Access journal for video games/gaming and religion, culture, society

Editors-in-Chief: Prof. Dr. Kerstin Radde-Antweiler, Prof. Dr. Xenia Zeiler
Managing Editor: Dr. Dr. Lisa Kienzl
Sprache: Englisch

ISSN 2364-382X

Video games today are unquestionably an important factor in cultural and religious socialization and the rapidly influential gaming sector of media brought about and requires a specific academic discourse. This new academic peer-reviewed online journal, the first of its kind, aims at establishing and fostering a platform for such discussions. It seeks to explore both established approaches and new frontiers of researching video games/gaming as related to religion, culture, and society.

Gamevironments seeks to explore both established approaches and new frontiers of researching video games/gaming as related to religion, culture, and society. The journal’s title, gamevironments, consequentially refers to this fact and indicates that in our understanding, researching video games is not limited to the established media-centered approaches. On the contrary, also the ‘games/gaming’ – ‘environments’ need to be highlighted, and they are suitably tackled with actor-centered approaches. Gamevironments in our understanding consist of both, the technical environments of video games/gaming and the cultural environments of video games/gaming. The journal welcomes contributions applying all approaches and highlighting all fields of investigation related to video games/gaming and religion, culture, and society. The journal also explicitly seeks to acknowledge the steadily increasing impact of video games‘ and gaming’s global aspects. In order to actively contribute towards establishing and maintaining a critical dialogue including perspectives beyond the so far dominant regional contexts the journal encourages contributions which address the diverse global video game and gaming landscape.

There is one regular issue per year. Additionally, gamevironments aims at publishing one special issue on a specific topic per year. Call for Papers for upcoming issues will be widely advertized. All submitted articles will be reviewed on a double-blind peer-review basis. There is no article processing charge. Further, the journal provides unrestricted access to all its contributions. 

Gamevironments is an international and multidisciplinary collaboration effort by the two Editors-in-Chief, ZeMKI member Kerstin Radde-Antweiler from the University of Bremen in Germany and Xenia Zeiler from the University of Helsinki in Finland. ZeMKI member Dr. Dr. Lisa Kienzl is acting as managing editor. The international board members are renowned experts in the fields of Cultural Studies, Theology, Religious Studies and Media Studies. 

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