Designing interfaces

Project lead: Prof. Dr. Karsten Wolf (ZeMKI Lab "Media Education and Educational Media")

Funding institution: German Federal Ministery of Education and Research (BMBF)

Project duration: 2016 - 2019

Under the guiding principle of reflective practitioner training, the coherence of teacher training is strengthened by interlinking theory and practice and by interlinking the various elements of teacher training.

Central interfaces between the disciplines involved (subject didactics, subject sciences and educational science) as well as between theory and practice have so far not been sufficiently interrelated. However, only networked knowledge enables the development and expansion of complex professional reflection and (complementary to this) action competence. The project therefore aims to train future teachers as "reflective practitioners" who know both interfaces, reflect critically on them and use them productively for their professional activities. The four subprojects Research Workshop, E-Portfolio, Study-Practice-Projects and Spotlights Teaching have been conceived with this in mind. These focus on the first phase (teacher training at the university), but include the second and third phases as well as non-university actors in teacher training.

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