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Digital Media included!

Lead: Prof. Dr. Karsten Wolf

ZeMKI Lab: "Media Education and Educational Media"

Funded by the Deutsche Telekom Foundation

Duration: 2016 - 2018

The aim of the project is to implement the core areas of media didactic competence in the form of seven concepts in the curriculum of primary school education. This will be ensured by a broad cooperation between the didactic professorships of the subjects German, Mathematics and Sachunterricht as well as work teaching with computer science, pedagogical psychology and media pedagogy. In addition, the "Grundschule an der Gete" and the "Grundschule an der Nordstr." are involved in testing the concepts in practice. Together we want to advance digital education and inclusion in Bremen in this way.

The AG Mathematikdidaktik is responsible (together with Prof. Dr. David Reid) for the concept "Let's move: Virtual building and acting as tools for mathematical learning". The main objective is to examine the extent to which the use of digital media helps to mediate between mathematical-concrete and symbolic representation in order to suitably support the development of mental ideas necessary for mathematical learning.

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