Project lead: Prof. Dr. Andreas Breiter (ZeMKI Lab "Information Management and Media Technology")

Research association/cooperation: Institute for Technology and Education (ITB), German Federal Institute for Vociation Education and Training (BIBB)

Funding institution: German Federal Institute for Vociation Education and Training (BIBB)

The project investigated the use of digital media in company training practice and developed concepts and materials for training personnel. The focus was on trainers and the research of their mediatized everyday practice, as well as the resulting consequences for the design of educational processes.

The research of (mediatized) everyday practice in the context of in-company training and the resulting consequences for the design of educational processes were the focus of the Dimba research and development project. In cooperation with the Institute for Technology and Education (ITB) and on behalf of (and in cooperation with) the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB), the use of digital media in in-company training practice is being investigated and then practice-oriented support concepts and materials for training personnel are being developed. Central questions of the research project are: How do in-company training personnel select digital media for everyday initial and continuing training practice? How are digital media integrated into training and continuing education processes? What support is needed for in-company training personnel in order to be able to integrate digital media optimally into initial and continuing vocational training? The central
The research will address questions in a cross-domain setting using a model of media pedagogical competence from teacher training, which will be adapted and modified for the area of in-company training. Different research methods will be used. The Institute for Information Management Bremen GmbH (ifb) is responsible for the qualitative and quantitative research components in the Dimba project and is involved in material development.

Against the background of existing standards in the training of trainers, training practice in the fields of mechatronics, commercial occupations and in the (old people's) Pflege will be examined. The aim is, on the one hand, to support trainers in the acquisition of media pedagogical skills by means of suitable concepts and materials and, on the other hand, to find cross-domain media pedagogical skills an entry into further training concepts for in-company training personnel.

: Prof. Dr. Andreas Breiter
Prof. Dr.

Andreas Breiter

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