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Digital extracurricular learning and education-related practices of young people

Kooperation mit der RWTH Aachen

Gefördert durch das Bundesministera

Cooperation with RWTH Aachen University

Supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)

In four subprojects, the collaborative project investigates interdisciplinary and triangulatively digital extracurricular learning and education-related practices of young people in an interdisciplinary and triangulative way, related both to school curricular subjects and personal career orientation as well as to the acquisition of interest-based knowledge and knowledge/learning projects in leisure time. The compilation of the project network with members from general didactics, media pedagogy, communication and media science and subject didactics enables a comprehensive look at explanatory videos and tutorials, which can be found especially on YouTube and are used by young people on a large scale and almost every day. In addition, content- and learning-specific media and communication repertoires are examined in order to describe and analyse the diversity of individual and community practices of young people in extracurricular learning (self-expertisation).

The subproject is jointly led by Prof. Dr. Christian Pentzold and Prof. Dr. Karsten D. Wolf. Karsten D. Wolf is responsible for the media analysis of extracurricular educational interests, the quantitative reconstruction of the media environment and the qualitative interviews for the reconstruction of communication and media repertoires. Christian Pentzold is responsible for the reconstruction of collaborative informal appropriation of learning content.