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Transnational Communication History of the League of Nations in the Inter-War Period (1920-1938)

The institutional, professional and public spheres of journalism in the League of Nations in international comparison

Leader: Prof. Dr. Stefanie Averbeck-Lietz

ZeMKI Lab "Communication History and Media Change"

Project Duration: 2017 - 2022

Funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG)

The transnational communication history of the League of Nations in the interwar period (1920-1938) will be analyzed by focusing on the dimensions of a) the organization of information politics, b) professional journalism and c) the coverage of the assemblies of the League of Nations in an international comparison (countries of the press coverage analysis are: Germany, France, GB, Austria, Switzerland, US). Research is based on a method mix of document analysis, collective biographies and qualitative and quantitative content analysis.



April 22 and 23, 2021: International Conference on the Communication History of International Organisations (Online) 

Further information regarding the conference can be found here


November 21, 2019: Internal Project Workshop (Bremen)

Transnational Communication History of the League of Nations: Results, Problems, Perspectives. Download the programme and further information regarding the workshop here.



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