Collaborative project (2018-2021)

Measurement of socio-political development dynamics and interstate linkages worldwide. Co-creation of the Global Welfare State Information System (WeSIS)


Team: Prof. Dr. Andreas Breiter, Hendrik Heuer, Gabriela Carolina Molina León 

Partner: SOCIUM, Universität Bremen

Funding body: Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft


Subproject A01 in the DFG Collaborative Research Centre (CRC) 1342: Global development dynamics of social policy. The subproject is a cooperation between the Institute for Information Management Bremen (ifib) and the University of Bremen. The subproject is the central interface for project area A and has two goals: First, the research question is how socio-political development dynamics and interstate interdependencies and their interrelations can be measured and mapped in the best possible data-based way. Second, a comprehensive interactive, web-based information system on global development dynamics of social policy is being set up: the Global Welfare State Information System (WeSIS). WeSIS comprises three data components: Welfare State Indicators; indicators on country-specific characteristics; indicators on linkages between countries and between countries and international organisations. For the implementation of both goals, novel analysis, interaction and visualization possibilities are tested and implemented in interdisciplinary cooperation between political science, geography and computer science in "co-creation" with different user groups.

: Prof. Dr. Andreas Breiter
Prof. Dr.

Andreas Breiter

Institution: Centre for Media, Communication and Information Research of the University of Bremen (ZeMKI)

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E-Mail: abreiterprotect me ?!informatik.uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de

: Dr. Hendrik Heuer

Hendrik Heuer

Institution Centre for Media, Communication and Information Research of the University of Bremen (ZeMKI)

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