Communicative figurations of friendship relations in mediatized everyday communication

Doctoral project

Jeaninne Teichert, M.A.

This research project sheds light on different functions media inherits within friendship relations, regarding processes of socialisation, i.e. how can ‘friendship’ be established and maintained by media. Different dynamics, perceptions and motives will be analysed, which can change during life course, considering for instance sociological changes of family and friends as well as changes regarding someone’s private motives on sociability and mobility. From the perspective of young job entrants residing in a specific „status passage” of life (Heinz 1991, p.12) and having experienced ‘deep mediatisation’ from different points of view, communicative figurations of friendship relations reveal in this research project.

: Jeannine Teichert

Jeannine Teichert

Institution Centre for Media, Communication and Information Research of the University of Bremen (ZeMKI)